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  • SAVS Du côté de chez Soi, Marcoussis, France

Dare to sing in front of others, be, be respected, to find its voice SPAC Marcoussis Essonne, France

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From levaq the Aug 06, 2010

On the side of SPAC at home, an activity "music and songs' enables people with disabilities to express their voice and host of others. Singing gives joy.

On the side at SPAC from home activity "Music and Lyrics" allows people with disabilities to cast their vote and host of others. Singing gives joy. The meeting between the people living on a register unusual reveals hidden facets and values ??the participants.

Where are we, who are we ..

The Service Support in Social Life "on the side of Home" is located in Marcoussis, Common 9000 inhabitants south of the Essonne.


It supports 52 people with disabilities in two mental or psychological services, a fire broke out in service and service on.

The service of fire broke out 25 studios spread over 5 clusters allows everyone to have a home and enjoy a play group. The education team conducts individual people in their daily tasks.

Serving on the people living in their apartments in the housing diffuse, more autonomous they receive appropriate support. Everyone can participate in activities offered by the educational team. The workshop music and song was born during a party at the end of the year or residents have expressed a desire to sing. This is not a choir or a group of professional singing.

Meet different

The relationship of the teaching staff are primarily based on monitoring of daily resident of his apartment, administrative procedures, I felt the need to live as any other kind of relationship with them, opening a new space an activity that promotes the person, that highlights a potential, which promotes a positive view of the other.

I am also part of the observation that many people have received few places of expression, few participate in clubs, activities.

Around music, song

Twice a month on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, find themselves lovers song.
The meeting takes place in several parts:


  • A vocal warm-up time together where we take a musical phrase.

  • A presentation by the person in the song she wants to interpret.

  • To sing we help the author himself through a CD.

  • The amateur singer uses a microphone. Each singer happens to "stage" about 2 times each evening.

To help discover new songs, we hear the original versions of singers like Piaf, Brel. We are also interested in Baroque music, from "La Traviata" world music.

A singer accompanied us on several occasions. An artist harpist gave us a concert.

For over a year comes a lyrical singer in the group, slowly, he takes them to sing a capella, a breath of learning takes place.

Then, to appease, we take time to relax, relax.

They are thanked for their attendance, their participation, their mutual listening, encouragement, and I give them the date of the next meeting.

Demonstrations have been held, the mayor has lent us a room, and at the music festival, we built a platform to sing in the street.

At parties internal to the parents and guardians, residents have occurred, sometimes in the register of humor. The diplomas of the most beautiful emotion, the most beautiful song were distributed.

Some instruments and other


·         A room, which may have to have other functions

·         A CD

·         A microphone

·         People who want to sing.

We also call for some time to a singing teacher who helps to put the breath and voice.

Notes of joy and also pain

Given the joy of the participants, we can say that there's satisfaction, the benefits for all, everyone can be creative. People are happy to be able to retain all the notes of the scale.

Some have developed their verbal expression, the work of breath gives confidence beyond the studio music and songs.

Being "exposed" in terms of other values, particularly when the spirit of camaraderie encourages, gives people the opportunity to show a face not revealed themselves.

However, persons with disabilities are sometimes unmotivated, their pathology may isolate them they are more diligent.

A more suitable room would have been welcome.

To enable people to evolve, I saw the need to vary even more, to discover other music, participate in concerts.

This group is not a choir, but an activity in the service of the person to flourish.

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