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Experience of the senses in a Snoezelen room type at Plessis Robinson, France

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From machet the Aug 06, 2010

A place to relax and awaken your senses to offer people with intellectual disabilities to resume a peaceful relationship with themselves. Visual sensations, olfactory, tactile, auditory devices are solicited by, the various materials. The layout of the room has mobilized various workshops of the institution, the cost was so limited.

The city of Plessis Robinson is south of Paris, bus networks, metro and RER close make communication easy.
Institutions Friends of the Workshop Plessis Robinson, a sheltered workshop, a foster home, a center pre-employment and Recreation accommodate a total of 150 people with disabilities. They are between 20 and 60. Their abilities are varied, some are in the workplace, some not, some live in an apartment, they may be accompanied by a help to the social, others are home to life. The activities of people as varied. Forty-five employees in total exercise in the three teams.
The Snoezelen concept was born in the Netherlands on the initiative of two psychologists. It consists of the awakening of physical sensations. "Snoezelen" results from the contraction of two Dutch words that mean: sniff for "snuffelen" doze for "doezelen."
On the ground floor of the home life, a relaxation room, awakening the senses based on the Snoezelen concept was opened, it accommodates three groups totaling 21 people from three schools.

This workshop, through various tools, resources, seeks to facilitate the connection to oneself
, To connect to itself and thus to others, to communicate better. Connecting to yourself by listening to his senses. In this particular space, the person has the opportunity to connect with his senses. Release efforts, tensions developed to be more present in the here and now.
This presence can allow yourself to relax, relax, find a form of peace, an inner calm. There is no issue of learning or performance.


The relaxation room is located on the ground floor is a space created to enhance the senses. The calm, the silence is required the person finds time to breathe and listen to hear what is happening around her. Lights, colors, cushions, carpets, smells, sounds, are there to awaken the senses, visual, hearing, smell, touch. Harmony and the cleanliness of the room are elements that are part of the process of relaxation.

You enter the room after going through a SAS, removing his shoes, left objects like a teddy bear that can mean sleep. Here is a place to relax, not sleep.
When the group of people is 4 to 10 is entered the room, the door can only be opened from the inside. During the relaxation time, it is necessary not to be disturbed, but to be quiet, secure. However, if the person wishes may leave.

During the first sessions will people in the room as they wish, it is a time of observation. Gradually proposals are made to help them open up to other sensations, if one goes easily to the hard, cold, he may be offered to touch an object warmer softer but the person is acting, it is personal choice, art therapist is not in place.
The outer movements are created, breath, light, music, smells, they attract attention the person may die down, reconnect with an inner calm.

Are offered several times during a session:
- Relaxation exercises on the joints, for example to focus on oneself, to be in the here and now.
- Then by decreasing the lighting, music, the person can relax more.
- From time to massage the hand, head can be made.
- Then gradually lighting, music, reconnect with normal life.

Several spaces are created in the room to experiment with various sensations:
- A fan blows gently on the curtains and gives the movement.
- A diffuse luminous ball of light moving tasks,
- Soft music,
- A diffuser smells,
- A "wall" soft and rough objects pen.

The session lasts 45 minutes, the time seems appropriate to the needs and abilities of people with mental disabilities.

Material: the purchase of specialized equipment Snoezelen is too expensive for our budget, all people of goodwill have been involved, the workshops have crafted curtains, requesting the mobile view, and various materials to stimulate the senses, touch , hearing or smell. We use materials that can be also a workshop, for example cushions. The room is a room of the facility located on the ground floor.
Financial: used for the budget year is about € 200
Human: I am normally alone with the group.

These moments of relaxation allow residents to be more present in their bodies and sometimes agree to be affected by small massage on the hands for example, or by others.
Accompanying individual breathing, the face of the person relaxes, opens it can evolve from one state to a neutral or unpleasant condition that can go towards pleasure.
This space allows those who are too sensitive to interactions with their environment to feel content, protected, reassured. This site helps to put the suitcases for a while.

The host of a room of your senses to be aware of a number of difficulties that may arise, it must find the right position, being close without being in the emotional, not to create dependency on the resident.
Lying down, relaxing, being several in the room can awaken fantasies, fears the leader has to remain very attentive to people, to respect their own pace.
The work of reviewing with the team is part of this activity to awaken the senses, if implemented in a given time, it can affect the life of the person. Particular attention is paid to the retransmission of experience, not a psychoanalytic interpretation.
This type of room awakening of the senses is reproducible with simple equipment. Translation Project
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