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Cultural outings on Thursday, opening experience and life, in Chatillon France

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From bruno the Aug 06, 2010


We are a CITL - Center Introduction to work and play - the association Friends of the Workshop located south of Paris, on the town of Chatillon. Residents are mostly in home life, they do not often get out of institutions (CITL-home).
Residents are 30 in number between 20 and 40, their disabilities are varied between intellectual disability and mental disability resulting from a mental illness stabilized. Their interests are varied.

2 - Purpose

Most of the time, the lives of residents is well organized, they are accustomed to the rhythm of school life. This environment protected, safe environment does not always give them the opportunity to choose. This activity was created out of a little chance. I answered a need, ie leave the center, a protected environment to discover that being confronted with new situations, embrace the world.
A second aspect in these outputs is to put people in contact with the outside, and thereby allow people from outside also discover different people and thus help change the look on the person with disabilities.

3 - Implementation

For organizing the event, I gather if possible. Proposals for the museum tour, listening to music are made. I check before the place is open and sometimes I reserve tickets.
At first we were going to lunch in a restaurant, sandwich Greek example, but the activity was transformed into a dinner out. Now we prepare sandwiches and why we do the shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday prepare before departure.
We have two groups of residents, they are divided according to their autonomy, the outputs are often to Paris. For this we use the subway, we went to the station on foot, it takes about 15 minutes, or we take the mini bus.

The metro rides are learning in locating underground lines, to recognize the color line is also working on guidance.

We have lunch before visiting the museum, residents are more careful then. For that we are trying to find pleasant places on the banks of the Seine, sometimes in winter we niquons picnic in malls well heated.

During the visit, residents are free to go to what interests them, but I am now talking to them, tell them. They often do not speak much, because they discover. We visited an exhibition on Gainsbourg. They had seen him on television, had references, they could make comments. The various exhibits at the Cinematheque Tati and Bercy allowed to resume the same theme in two different places.

A visit never lasts more than three quarters of an hour, an hour. This requires concentration, a calm silence. We must also respect the works.
Preferably, we'll visit modern art museums, residents are more receptive language is easier for them. We go quite often at the Pompidou Centre, the square is bustling with street performers.

We found that free concerts were given at the Petit Palais, residents are sensitive to music, particularly concert is live, they do feel the music. Music are varied but of excellent quality.
Sometimes we organize tours in the countryside, places of naive art museum and also take advantage of the quiet countryside.
And preserve images, memories, I take pictures, it can then make a return for visits, to make comments, make a working memory and expression.

4. The means

Two educators to accompany the group of 7 to 8 people
Museums are usually free on Paris.
The budget that we devote to this activity is about 40 € for 4 outputs.
We use the subway or minibus
We have a subscription to Pariscope, news magazine shows.
The proximity of Paris and the various museums and varied activities makes it easy.

5. Stock

The variety of tours, regularity, generate new situations in which many dimensions of life are experienced, such as using public transport, move, watch works in a museum, speak, learn, remember. This allows residents to deploy.
The activity of outputs like, people are asked outings, meetings. There is no doubt brought about by opening this business. The more they learn, the more they permeate it, the more he will discover,
The Metro is a gathering place, residents gravitate toward users.
They are now more comfortable with the visits, more resourceful in travel, no longer lose their metro ticket, they talk about their visit in return.

One limitation of this activity is the ability of residents to speak on the subject. Lack of cultural reference, it is sometimes difficult to make their choice for a visit.
Sometimes when the visit is difficult to live, a museum is an enclosure. Some express the need to leave. It must take account of their fatigue.
The post is to develop from the pictures to get more profit. Having an objective reporting is still a good way to prolong the experience. Translation Project
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