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Accueil FONDATION DES AMIS DE L'ATELIER Adapted housing for people with intellectual disabilities and mental
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  • denis Pelsy
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Adapted housing for people with intellectual disabilities and mental

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Par denis Pelsy le 26/04/2012

The housing affordability for all types of disability has led to define the concept of special needs housing for the mentally handicapped and mentally.
The context:
In 1998, the association manages several facilities including 2 CAT in Essonne in Marcoussis and Ulis. The CAT VEH (1990) 50 seats and the CAT Mosaic (1998) 70 seats.
In response to the accommodation needs of workers of both CAT and the neighboring area, the creation of suitable housing is favored over the opening of a home. The Essonne department was understaffed equipment structures for any type of these people. Homes said "exploded" proposing a coexistence of two or three in a dwelling with an after-care was seen as an alternative to mass accommodation, ensuring greater integration. This type of habitat concerns of people with intellectual disabilities and mental, adults, able to work.
The goals:
These people neither could nor wanted to live alone in an apartment in town. They seek a solution to housing, accommodation which is not a home or an apartment in cohabitation.
They have provided require a daily presence, which helps in the gestures of everyday life, without limiting their human rights (privacy, coming and going, get home, ...). This is mainly to compensate for the difficulty of creating social bonds. This is an attempt to respond to the desire expressed by a resident "I want to live at home but not alone." (See note on special needs housing as an attachment)
A meeting between the mayor of Marcoussis, the developer and the association has created the concept of division: provision by the owner of five studios to five residents who are tenants and provision for the association (which is tenant also) a 6th studio, called collective piece, which rent and fees are included in the price of the day, supported by the board général.Le first pole has found a place within a set of 29 social housing units in Marcoussis.
Four other clusters were then created in other housing complexes with different promoters in nearby towns. (See sheet capitalization as an attachment)

The night of a professional multidisciplinary team visit each resident, depending on their individual project that touches the daily lives, budgets, administrative issues, holidays. 19h to prepare the meal is done by residents who meet four nights a week on the collective play.
This is the place of reciprocity in which each contributes to the exchange but is rewarded by the opportunity to be heard.
A 21h joined each slot. A telephone standby takes over. Proposals for group activities animation, cultural outings and entertainment are available from a local center in Marcoussis, which can also accommodate time-friendly meals and festive.
* A multidisciplinary team of 11 people: leaders, counselors in home economics, educators, 52 assists, including 26 residents live in this type of special needs housing. A director and head of department shall supervise an assistant provides the administrative part, a psychiatrist takes an afternoon semaine.Le operation is supported entirely by the welfare of the general council on the basis of a daily rate, which in 2006 range from 30 € to 60 €.
Residents have a lease in their name and receive a housing allowance.
* The technical features a local home, office with computer and phone to the speakers, seven vehicles, a minibus 9 seats.
The accommodations are filled to 99% during the year. There are few movements which is an index value satisfaction.Les residents to enjoy a real home but not to support the weight of loneliness.
The primary solidarities are exerted between themselves and with the neighborhood.
The integration of these small living units is not stigmatizing, but this type of accommodation is not suitable for everyone. Some, who needed more group life and especially the presence of a night, were referred to shelters.
When the health and dependency of the person increases with age or life experience is another limitation of self-contained units.
Another limitation when the resident no longer controls access to its housing, and it becomes a place of rendezvous of undesirables.
When a couple form and has the desire to start a life together when he is offered a home in diffuse habitat.
Residents are changing the rules of life of these units by appropriating the PC and the environment and giving their opinion in the regular meetings of delegates.
The concept must take place in the future alongside that of motor and sensory disabled people, with the same constraints on developers.
The grouping of the room and studios are a collective tools of disability compensation mental and psychic as are home automation, ramps and elevators for other disabilities. Translation project
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