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L'ADAPEI de la Gironde
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' Art'ternatives ' a annual festival for a better access to culture, part of each individualized plan, ADAPEI 33, France

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From Chrystelle Pohier the Apr 27, 2015

In 2012, when the associative project has been assesed, the question of the integration of disabled persons with little or no skills for working has been widely discussed. To meet this need, the ADAPEI of Gironde scored culture as strategic axis .


ADAPEI 33, nest of the action



ADAPEI of Gironde is an Association founded in 1958 by parents of children with intellectual disabilities. From 2012, it has a strong associative partnership and open to other disabilities, in particular the psychic handicap and autism spectrum disorders.

ADAPEI of Gironde is positioned as an actor in health, on the challenges of the sector (education, professionalization, accessibility, participation, citizenship, aging...).

invoelved in 48 institutions and services, it hosts more than 2 000 persons with disabilities, at all ages of life, with more than 1 000 professionals, on the 6 districts of the Gironde.


Its action is more regional in connection with other actors of the movement FEGAPEI and UNAPEI.


It is structured in 2012 around three poles of accompaniment: the childhood pole, the adult pole and pole work
2014 :  in four territories: metropolis child / medical; Metropolis ESAT / hosting; Libourne / Blaye / Médoc with the head of each of the territories a territorial Director.


The multiple challenges which based its vocation, the Gironde ADAPEI continues the development of its range of services, both in an ordinary environment in institution, to meet the needs and expectations, more and more varied, of persons in situation of disability and their family, and societal issues.

The six answers of its associative project 2012-2017 claim its position:

₋ The Course

₋ The global accompaniment of the person with disabilities

₋ Diversity of  public

₋ Autism and pervasive development disorders

₋ The ageing of persons with disabilities

₋ The professionalization and professional insertion in the regular workplace.


Innovation and continuous improvement of the quality of the services are  the heart of its concern and its practices.


In this context, the  project Art'ternatives, has seen the day to meet the needs of development and integration by access and participation in culture.


Birth and vision of Art'ternatives


Re-harmonize ADAPEI 33 cultural projects and organize an event bringing together them is an idea born at the end of the associative project redesign: first thought on one day, the event took the ambition of a festival week, before arriving at its current configuration: a global project deployed over 9 years, alternately targeting the 9 major arts, with the goal of discovering the culture also out of music painting and dance that already existed through workshops in schools. The challenge was to find the right partners who take hosted people and yet not covered arts teams (such as architecture, media arts,...).


The initial project has evolved. Art'ternatives wishes to break  walls and bring the people  to discover and to open up to the world that surrounds them, to become actor. The project was founded on a dual purpose:

-allow to persons  to acceed to a very wide cultural offer, and create or strengthen their involvement;

- and create an inter-institutional dynamism to work together the different structures.


This cultural project Art'ternatives intra-ADAPEI caters to all persons, irrespective of their capabilities, and opens also to external people, because it is a very open project , to develop partnerships with artists, cultural centres of tow,s, schools, retirement homes and associations...

Examples: an intergenerational project between occupational home to Gujan-Mestras and the  professionnel high school Biganos; a partnership between Martignas residential  home and the socio-cultural center of Martignas-sur-Jalle;...


Thus, forget disability and show everyone and show that everyone has capacity to make known. Therefore, give them the means by supportig them.


The development of workshops and of the festival: 1 year by major art


Art'ternatives has been programmed over 9 years, with the aim of the diversity of cultural offer: each year focuses on a major art (cinema in 2012, 2013 music, arts arts scene in 2014, band drawn by 2015, media arts in 2016...). Each year is sponsored by an artist representing the major art in question. ADAPEI 33 institutions work year-round on this art with artists and cultural associations (circus workshops, mime, dance...). Where other workshops belonging to distinct arts are possible, they are then developed by being focused on the art of the year.

The last week of November, the association organises a festival of restitution, and honors a territory each evening (distribution of institutons of the Department by territory).


A Pilot Committee composed of a multidisciplinary team  implement the project defining the outline, in order to build the territorial cultural offer. Thus, the Committee has aimed programming, research funding but also sponsors and potential partners. It is led by the communications department. Each institution has carte blanche to operate projects posted [for funding] to the Department each month. Ideas are developed on the ground, allowing a diversity and dynamism of ideas.


Means: Strong expansion and growing partners


On the human level: coordination is entrusted to the head of communications. There has not been a funding for specific position. The choice of partners is made in connection with the Direction régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC Aquitaine) which has a very thorough knowledge of the cultural landscape in our territory. With regard to research funding, everyone invests (families, users, partners, etc).


Financially: the first year (2012), the budget turned out to be modest and the start of the project it has been accordingly, with only a hundred of participants. Today 2/3 of the people participating in the project. We passed a budget for the first year of € 9 000 to an overall budget now €100 000 (for the entire organization, material and in-kind aid included).


Evaluation, lessons


Each year, we meet more people in this project. The desire to improve is  stronger and stronger.

The goal of these 9 years term is a full participation, 100% of the beneficiaries of the ADAPEI 33 for a cultural project individualized for every one.

However the  groups are restricted in number for  of material, financial reasons, organizational and of human capacity. Thus, it is necessary to find solutions to achieve this target 100%. These solutions will be found by the development of the network and a the opening outside as large as possible .








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