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Support to communication of representatives of users to CVS, France

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From Christophe Fabre the Sep 19, 2012

Creation of the Council of social life on the site of "le bassin du Puy in 2004"and the support of the users for the expression of their rights.


The basin of the Puy gathers to Adapei the Haute-Loire (establishment and accompaniment at work service) ESAT of 85 places, a home life and an outbreak of accommodation accompanying 45 residents. Accompanied by these institutions those are people with mental disabilities from 18 to 65 years.
During the establishment of the 'Social Life Council' - Conseil de la Vie Sociale (CVS), a 'communication' training has been put in place to accompany the users of establishments in speaking in a group or in public to put them at ease in their new functions.
They were subsequently invited to national and regional seminars to witness the setting up of the CVS and their preparation.
Alongside users representing homes and each workshop of the ESAT representatives of employees of institutions, representatives of the families and representatives of the association, the management of the institutions is also present at the three annual meetings of the CVS.

Since its inception each year, representatives of CVS users are trained in order to strengthen their role and live CVS.


It is not a simple facility to speak easily and to assert its difference and identity. The group often takes precedence over the individual who is then subject of the institution and not actor of his project of life.
The CVS is a place of speech, of proposals, information and representation. It is the users themselves that animate it.
But this is not an easy thing and simple, it therefore to accompany them in this approach. This so that CVS does is reume not at a single meeting, but either a tool for the expression of the rights of the users and to live year-round.
It is essential that users are aware of the function of representation, how not to stand or even be the spokesperson of a group? How to collect the demands, the expectations of others? How transmit them information the collected?...
Training communication, cvs, information technology, the delegation allowed gradually to move towards more autonomy and responsibility.
Other tools: box idea, display, photos, activities...


Created following the elections of the various representatives, the CVS meets formally three times per year. It is a place of information on the life and timeliness of settlements but also of proposals and discussions around the projects and activities future settlements.
For 8 years that CVS exists, it has allowed to improve communication between users, families and employees, to involve users in the decisions of the institutions in which they are greeted...
It is an opportunity to propose actions and projects: stays, activities, investments, modifications or improvements to organizations...
Training by the representatives helped to support the convening notices, reports and animation of the meetings. It was also the accasion create a feature sponsorship and hospitality of new users on settlements by the elected representatives of the CVS.
The function of representation took gradually the magnitude as each event in the life of the establishment the elect of the cvs are associated: retirement, meetings, partners...


On the ESAT training plan dedicated to users each year to make room for collective training in connection with the CVS and the felt needs expressed by users.
The accompaniment of users representatives of CVS throughout the year by educators enables continuity of the action of the CVS between the various meetings.
They are integrated in the different times of life settlements: jobs, investment, internal and external evaluations...
The human, technical and financial means are those of institutions, specific aid depending on the actions are requested on a case by case basis.


The knowledge and interest of users for institutions that host have been largely improved by CVS. Now, taking account of the speech and the opinion of users is natural in institutions through this instance.
At each election of representatives a true democratic step is created in the establishments on this occasion, for some it is the only place of expression of their right.
The construction of such a tool is done in time and with availability of accompanying them to always have in mind the expression of the rights of the users.
When the president of CVS receives a cheque for a partner to fund an action on a property which he hands a gift to a worker at his departure to retirement, that it represents its establishment in departmental meetings, instead of users is guaranteed and their heard Word.
It remains to continue this work and to train new representatives of users regularly so that the greatest number can live this experience and know this singular place which so far was not regarded as natural for a person with a disability.

Contest: HANDIPARTAGE 2012 competition
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