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Home Work Falret A Service of day into a specialized home House, a response to variable geometry to multiple needs, Creteil, France
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Work Falret
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A Service of day into a specialized home House, a response to variable geometry to multiple needs, Creteil, France

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From falret the Mar 06, 2015

1. an integrated service

The day greeting Service is located on the ground floor of the House of home specialized, Residence of Dr. Paul Gachet, 14, Avenue du chemin Mesly, 94000 CRETEIL.

The S.A.J integrates perfectly within the structure. Indeed, it has its own premises, which consist of a business and a home gym room. But it also shares a large number of spaces together with the MAS that hosts it

The service is intended for people with psychic disabilities, living at home and having the opportunity to come half a day to several days per week. We can accommodate up to 10 participants per day.

In collaboration with the Service of Animation of the Residence, the day-care service offers many activities: origami, mandala, modelling, adapted sports, therapeutic kitchen, outputs external.... Therapeutic meals are framed by the team from 12:00 to 13:30. They take place in the dining room of the temporary reception service. The next installation a general dining room should allow all residents know and share some meals together.

The institution supports the transport from home to the Residence (return), as well as meals.

To apply for admission: (Notification MDPH orientation MAS, day care)

2. the purpose of the service, offer an alternative

The day greeting Service was created to offer an alternative of support for a maintenance at home, while relieving families on a daily basis and allowing maintenance of the social connection in a suitable environment, through interactive meetings.

This modality of support aims to offer an alternative both to support at home, than to the internship placement. In addition this modality to support families through a home in hourly rates cannot be assumed by them as well as to find a place of information, guidance and support.

The objectives of day-care are as follows:

  • Support at home and/or to evaluate the relevance of any temporary or permanent home
  • The isolation and increase awareness of the collective life
  • Maintain or stimulate the capabilities of hosted people
  • Support caregivers (family or professionals involved in the home)

3. the implementation, the stages of the path

The Residence of Dr. Paul Gachet opened its doors in July 2013 and offers this service since January 2014.

Different stages during this course:

  1. Set up day-care service: each Member of the team discovers and learns to work together/sec ' grant on the functioning of the service/develop local / purchase equipment for activities.

  1. Do a job in the Department for participants:

-Target population / subjects

-What professionals are available to them within the M.A.S: (sheet / skills)

-In what context involved professionals?

-What infrastructure and equipment are made available to them?

-What type of activity is proposed and for what purpose?

-Outreach work / specificity of the service (our strengths, what is Markdown-t - on the other?)

  1. Make a partnership work

-Target partners / what are the professionals and infrastructure to canvass in our area (20 km to the round) + travel time

-Create a database with the name of the structure, the phone number or we can reach persons with their function / mail / tracking

-Prepare our arguments and think about all the questions that may be pausées

  • Make a record of the day of discovery. Prepare a blank document to fill every night. This shows a background and form work that is done.

  1. Do a job of communication with partners:

-Have the necessary documentation to our argument: the presentation of the service plate

-To know to what extent we are able to offer custom activities (knowledge material available / the budget available). Talk about the different activities proposed to the M.A.S (list them)

-Ask what kind of activity the person would like to do within our service

-Propose that the person concerned can do a day or half a day of test in day-care to bring it if it matches it.

-Divide the tasks.

4. the means engaged

The SAJ team consists of:

  • 1 monitor - educator in connection with the activities of the MAS pole animators.  

The day care service is funded by a price of day allocated by the ARS IdF, - regional health agency of the île de France-.

The premises that we are, in addition to our own activity room and room of reception, all of the activity rooms of the MAS (the gym and bodybuilding, the library, the therapeutic kitchen, the room of Plastic Arts, the healthcare space) and common living areas.

5. what assessment do you do today?

It is difficult to assess at the moment because we are implementing this service.

However we can say that the difficulties we face today are related to lack of knowledge of our service. Indeed we are all a work of partnership to discover our service to the public concerned, their entourage and the different professionals who can guide individuals in our service.

Moreover it is rare to have a service of day-care within a M.A.S.

For day-care participants get notification MDPH day M.A.S/Accueil this can take some time. Between the time or they take the decision to participate in the reception of day and time where they get the notification they can change their minds.

Specialized home

14, avenue de Mesly path

94000 Créteil




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