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Accueil Ciné-Ma Différence Go to the movies, a banal Act. Not yet for all... Cine-ma-difference brings its contribution , France

Go to the movies, a banal Act. Not yet for all... Cine-ma-difference brings its contribution , France

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Par Handiplanet le 05/02/2018

Cine-ma-difference makes the cinema accessible to children and adults with autism, with multiple disabilities, with mental disabilities or mental disorders, who are deprived of this leisure because of their disability. Warm and adapted sessions where each, with or without disabilities, is welcomed and respected.
  1. The context


Cine - ma difference is born from the desire to fight against exclusion, by a large number of people excluded from the cinema because a disability leading to behavior disorders. It's people with autism, polyhandicapped, mental disabilities, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer's disease... These people express their emotions in a different way from the standard, what bothers and worries the usual public which makes them feel.

Cine- ma difference began in 2005 as an experiment conducted in a Parisian cinema. In 2007, an association is created to support and develop the emerging network. Beginning 2018, network Cine - ma difference is present in 53 theaters in France and 2 in Belgium. In 2017, the network screened 335 films to 25,000 spectators, including 40% with disabilities.


  1. The purpose of the experience


Action movies - my difference has four objectives :

  • Allow people with these complex disabilities and their families, isolated by disability, to participate without fear in ordinary cultural activities.
  • Get the 'natural' the cinema's public used to share with various spectators.
  • Educate/train professionals of the cinemas to accommodate a public that they are not used (have fear) to receive.
  • Awareness people through communication and information actions.

We want in medium-term adevice cine- ma difference in each french administrative region, but our final goal is that theaters, movie theaters and the whole civil society  integrate the opportunity to share cultural entertainment with people in with disabilities, and that the device Cine - ma difference no longer needs to exist.


  1. Implementation, the conduct


The device designed by Cine - ma difference in 2005:

The sessions are held on weekends, on a regular basis, in all public cinemas, with a movie theater accessible to people with reduced mobility, and a moderate price.

We bring a few technical adjustments: light turning off gently, low sound not to attack people with very sensitive ears, no advertising or trailers.

But the main adjustment lies in the clear information given to the general public (with and without disabilities), individually and collectively, and the warm welcome by volunteers in yellow jacket, very visible, trained, attentive all throughout the session.

Careful: It's not abour particular but ordinary movie sessions in movie theaters, labelized Cine- ma difference. They allow spectators with or without disabilities to share pleasantly cinema thaks to the device. The films are selected in programming room partner in dialogue with the local organizer.



  1. The tools you needed?


On the human level : the head of network Cine - ma difference  for the development and animation of the network is composed of 2.5 employees, 1 volunteer and the commitment of the leaders of the association. 450 volunteers provide hospitality for meetings of the network.

Our network is growing through partnerships with local communities, and/or associations, and of course movie theaters. Each undertakes to respect our Charter and signed an agreement. Movies - my difference provides a human accompaniment of the project manager up to the 1st session, an awareness to the future team of volunteers and professionals of the cinema, and a Toolbox digital and physical. Then the head of network continues to bring its support, and a seminar gathers members each year.


On a material level : A toolbox is provided to new project's holders and regularly enriched. Cinemas partners must be fully in line with the philosophy of inclusion of Cine - ma difference. Ciné - ma difference is involved in the awareness of staff of the cinemas.


  1. How do you evaluate today?


Despite the evolution of society in the taking into account of disability, it seems still complicated to many professionals of culture as disability, to let people with complex disabilities and the usual public rub shoulders. On their side, the families concerned are still afraid that their child's behavior does bother or disturb the ordinary spectators, and they are not legitimate in cultural venues.

With movie sessions Ciné- ma difference, we demonstrate  that it is possible to share the movie and everyone is enriched by sharing this:

  • Most of the spectators with disabilities had never been to the cinema or could not stay until the end of a movie. Movies - my difference allows them to adjust gradually to the rules of a concert hall and then going to standard sessions.
  • Cine - my difference shows that the ability to access the works of these new audiences cannot be underestimated: thanks to the adaptation of the session which allows them to relax and focus, these people really access the pleasure of culture.
  • The sessions are enjoyable for all spectators: Cine - ma difference contributes to change the look of the spectators 'ordinary' on the people with these disabilities, hard to understand.


3 testimony to finish:

  • We discovered Cine - ma difference and we went 6 months ago with Hugues, 16. It was not won, he was afraid of the dark, noise, movies that he knows not, don't sit too long...; he is now a fan of the cinema.
  • The idea we immediately liked, even if we said that we have already "the chance" to take Thomas, 11 years, syndrome of Angelmann, regularly to the movies, and that's 'very good '. Finally, I say "very well", despite the fact that we always spend the session to hold to prevent it from getting up / turn; that we try to prevent him from making noise constantly, and that when children turn to look at him and then make comments between them, it breaks my morale for at least three days. /... / At this sitting movies - my difference, we just watched a movie without worrying for Thomas, and it was a moment of pure pleasure. Even our daughter, who suffers usually look another on his brother, really appreciated.
  • Saturday, I went to watch the movie "The Goonies" cult with my sister and my nephews. Without knowing it, it was a Cine - ma difference session... After the meeting, we meet my parents. While my sister and I are talking about the movie experience - my difference, children are talking about the film. And then I realize that they don't talk about the disabled public because for them it was 'normal', not 'incredible '. That would be nice if their vision - that innocent look of children - could be a little more our, also.





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