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Educational kit: "Stories of rights"

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From Camille Joseph the Dec 30, 2014

The educational kit 'Stories of rights' is designed to help you to chat in a group or two on rights in psychiatry. Beyond the information on the rights, remedies, procedures, legal aid and the accompaniments, this tool offers to Exchange, share your views and cross your eyes and your experiences on these issues.


The rights of users of psychiatric services are complex and poorly understood. In particular, the modalities of psychiatric care, care without consent, which need to be accompanied by one important pedagogical work with users of Psychiatry, relatives and any professional concerned by this question.

The law lives on a daily basis. It determines our condition of being human and citizen-do it frame life in society and it determines the modalities of care. This is why you will find in 'Stories of rights' these three dimensions:

  • fundamental rights
  • rights in the society
  • rights in the care

The law is a complex subject, but this educational kit was thought to be clear, accessible and easy to use. It is not necessary to be an expert in this field to play or to animate it. It can be used by people living with a mental disorder, professionals and relatives (peer or mixed group).

Watch the clip of presentation


For example, it can be proposed in the following contexts:

  • lyrics discussion group
  • approach to care, accompanying social, medical or legal, therapeutic education
  • educational process (initial or continuing training, exchange of practice,...)

Watch the video tutorial


  • 1 host booklet and 1 set of the game
  • 18 sheets-questions — 108 questions to learn, understand and act
  • 24 cards-puzzle to collectively achieve 4 sentences mystery
  • 12 blank cards-puzzle to create collectively 2 new sentences mystery
  • 1
  • 1 hourglass (2 min)
  • 5 brochures in the collection 'Rights and duties of the users' of the Tonybruno
  • 1 copy of the card: "my rights: what is my priority? ''
  • 1 USB key with a list of the resources referenced in the kit and the plug: "my rights: what is my priority?" destined for each participant

Order 'Stories of rights'

'Stories of rights' is available free of charge (except shipping).

Download the order form 'Stories of rights'


"Stories of rights" has reflected and built with multiple players of mental health: users of Psychiatry, close, psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, lawyers...Content, the different phases of proofreading but also test phases were fed, built and criticized by more than 25 different protagonists.

We thank the associations of users, the GEM, patients and professionals who participated in this project: Advocacy, AFTOC, Argos 2001, Esquí, France depression, Schizo? Yes! and the Unafam, GEM "Future", "Creations", "the Passage", the "House of the wave", the Centre hospitalier de Charcot, the Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne, the day hospital of sector 17 of the Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne, the SMES of the Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne, Leshopitaux of Saint-Maurice, the mental health Association of the 13th arrondissement, the Centre hospitalier de Paul Guiraud, right of emergency, legal at the EPSM Lille Metropole servicesthe NECH, HAS.

This project was developed in collaboration with the Valoremis Agency, specialized in design of playful mediation-oriented pedagogical or educational tools. And he was supported by funding from the Directorate-General of health, and has obtained the Label "Rights of users of health" in 2014.

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