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  • Bruno Hennebelle

Sport for well being, a whole program include in the name of this sports association AEDE, Meaux, 77

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From Bruno Hennebelle the Feb 20, 2017

'Sport toi bien' is a sport association whose primary purpose is recreation and competition. But the sport component health in connection with national campaigns is in full development.
  1. The context


  • Since when is Sport you well? Where geographically Sport you well? What facilities do you have?

  • As early as 1984 started in place field Emmanuel sports association. She took the name of 'Sport well' in 2002. Today, Sport well comes in 2 associations. Sure 77 which is currently headquartered in Meaux and Sport well 93 whose headquarters is in Drancy.  Activities are respectively Hautefeuille, Coulommiers, Marne Valley,... and Drancy, Le Bourget for Sport you good 93. Sport well 77 has premises made available by the Emmanuel field, particularly two offices and a gymnasium.


  • Born of AEDE, what role does Sport you well among the institutions and services run by the association.

    AEDE - Association of institutions of the domain Emmanuel - exists since 1954, and manages 27 institutions and services on the island of France and Alsace. 'Sport well' is a sports association AEDE-related, but that the Board of Directors is composed of employees and users of the CHANTER, as well as volunteers involved.


  • Population: has what type of disability is open Sport yourself? How many people receive the services of Sport you well?

    Sport well caters mainly to individuals with mental or psychological disabilities received or accompanied by the Bard, but also outside it. The gym of the particular domain Emmanuel welcomes adherent valid people of the circus activities, archery association.



  1. The purpose of the experience


  • How is the idea of a sports association in a social medical association? Why have you created a separate association?

The association was created by educators who are aware of the benefits of sport in their work of accompaniment in 1984. The initial goal was to benefit from additional means specific to the field of sport, but also to allow volunteers to get involved. It positions itself as a partner and a tool available to the CHANTER in the special dimension of access to sport


  • What is a purpose of Sport well? Is leisure, sport, competition, health?

    The first purpose is recreation, competition, but the sport component health in connection with national campaigns is in full development. 400 licensees for two sports good and 70 people outside in addition to the 400 are listed. We are the largest association of sport adapted in island of France the first requests were going towards conventional activities. As, the needs have changed. The fight against physical inactivity, obesity, a search of wellness through sport, activities for the elderly are now taken into account.



  • Have you set a goal in terms of participation?

    The goal is to enable maximum number of people to have access to this sport without limits of number. But a debate is under way before the proliferation of requests for an optimal response in terms of organization.



  1. Implementation, the conduct


  • What do you propose as activities? Who are they open?

    We offer the petanque, 1era activity historically developed. Our offer also includes football, table tennis, basketball, swimming, judo, badminton and shooting archery. We have developed in institutions of AEDE, a dynamic walking for a hike around, very requested. This approach is accompanied by proposals of training for educators.


  • Are these activities in support for the workers of ESAT?

    Two ESAT of the CHANTER are sport activities support for workers including health as part of the campaign against the inactivity of the workers of Esat initiated by the LRA and carried by the island of France of the adapted Sport League.

  • How fit people who want to participate in sports activities? How get there?

    Users take their membership in institutions, by mail or online directly. Membership varies from 36 to €56 depending on its user status or outside and coaching. People go on foot when the practice location is nearby. Otherwise they are accompanied either by a teacher or a member of the family, as WFP - paratransit service to help mobility-


How and where are they? On what timeslot?

Sport well 77 has the Bard to Hautefeuille gymnasium. Otherwise they are held in the facilities of cities, lots of soccer, swimming pools, multi-purpose room made available by municipalities in partnership.

The activities in the gym can take place throughout the day. In the Commons it's rather late in the day.

Recently we offer a sports stage on three days without accommodation. The goal is to make progress in his practice, or simply to have fun on a short vacation. Such a training period as an alternative while specialized stays becoming more and more expensive.


  • These activities lead to sports competitions?

    Practitioners of sports you can participate in competitions organized by the French Federation of adapted sports.



  1. The means which you have?


  • On the human level : How do you recruit sports facilitators? They are all volunteers? They have training to adapted sport?

    We have volunteers at the circus, to the shooting of archery, but also of professionals for football or table tennis. Their recruitment is done according to opportunities, according to the regulation and the local context. Some holders of the adapted sport qualification certificate. We take it in charge for volunteers who are training.

    Two employees of the CHANTER are made available to Sport, on time complete.


  • on the financial front : What budget do you have? Source resources?

    Sport good budget is nearly €80,000. Resources come from contributions, interests if there is a professional coach, a few grants of the Councils, the Ministry of sports, and a contribution of institutions of the CHANTER.

    The association has invested in equipment with the help of the regional Council and different devices.


  1. How do you evaluate today?



Interview with Mr. Bruno Hennebelle.

  • What are the satisfactions: for the beneficiaries? For entourage? For you?

    A better physical condition of users has an impact on their wellness, undeniably. Socialization, relationships to others is also affected. The sport allows to address issues around food and hygiene.

    At the level of sporting events, competition results in a valuation of the social role and saves in self-esteem. The entourage sees the person as a sportsman and can sometimes change his look at its close.


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    • What changes have you seen? What developments seem desirable to you?

      The context leads us to evolve into the health, sports holidays sports. We also attach importance to develop sports projects of each into their individualized projects. We are attentive to new sports to stick closer to their expectations.

      The rewriting of the sports project AEDE will allow us to re

Register sport instead that suits and we project onto targets more accurate to 5 years, declined in actions.



  • What challenges do you face in the operation? What are the limits of such action?

    The associative will is there, but it depends on the willingness of institutions to join. Sustainable and perennial sports registration in activities offered to users is their responsibility. On this level, there are disparities based on institutions.

    The availability of slots on Commons and the ignorance of disability, making sometimes cautious partners, can be brakes. Coaching is also a limitation, because outside sports skills, it also requires a knowledge of the specific needs related to the disability.

    Contacts with clubs are sometimes very long to be put in place. It may take up to 4 years for the establishment of a sports section adapted.


  • What recommendations would you give for developing sport in medico-social environment?

It is essential to connect to a network of sport adapted with its departmental committees and regional leagues of adapted sports.

It should also be to rely first and foremost on their requests. Evaluation of actions must be performed regularly with people but also at the institutional level.

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