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Ecole Paul Bert
  • 17, rue Cuvilliers 17100 SAINTES France
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Individual enrollment of a child with a disability at school Paul Bert, Saintes, France

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From chatard the Aug 06, 2010

Bert Paul School is a small school in downtown.
I am a teacher for 7 years.
I have a class of CP / CE1 with 24 students.
Last year, I welcomed a child with trisomy 21 (without AVS).
This year, the child with Down syndrome is still allowed in my class but with a virtually full-time AVS. I also welcome, in CP, a child who has been diagnosed deficient in several areas.

The child with Down syndrome has been integrated in a conventional classroom because parents refused Clis. The situation was not obvious because we could not benefit from AVS before the following year.
The integration went very well because Barth has no behavioral problems. He has great abilities as he learned to read during his year of CP
We did not set learning goals because we did not know how it would happen.
The parents wanted him to be with other children his age because he had lived Clis evil in which he was at the beginning of the year.
I was initially quite reluctant because I had never seen the child before. I fear it is a little upset by his change of environment during the year (relocation).
My fears were quickly flown since, although Bartholomew did not follow the same route as the others, it was very well integrated. The other children have accepted and helped.
The SESSAD quickly put in place a support which has helped to alleviate school days too long to Bartholomew.
The problem was mainly that I had a PC for the first time, so I had little time to take care of Bartholomew way dual. He was bored so sometimes that could lead, quite rarely, embarrassing behavior (noise, travel ...). He also needed for long periods without work to recover.

Means in place
This year, thanks to the AVS, Bartholomew has a job totally adapted. Of class time to group with others and time alone with the AVS because it needs a permanent presence of the adult to be able to perform work.
Need help managing their equipment and set the recall because it disperses quickly.
Bartholomew's program follows ce1 in French but at their own pace. In maths, it is on file Picbille among RETZ, level PC This file is well suited to Bartholomew because he needs to understand concrete things. That is why the balls and boxes that can open or close at will is what suits him.

I realized that integration was a success. My fears were those of someone who was afraid of the unknown. I do not know trisomy 21.
The receiving a different child can teach other kids how to respect and tolerance.
I also got lucky that Bartholomew is not a child problem behavior. The host may, in these cases, prove to be a nightmare. Draft translation
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