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EMFERD: Erick Memorial Foundation for Education and Rehabilitation
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Christmas Week in Tanzania: party, inclusion and home visits

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From Josephine Bakhita (EMFERD) the Jan 17, 2013

Mama Bakhita tells how the Christmas week was organized in connection with the children with disabilities in her region: she's been visiting families in their villages, and they all organized a nice party.

Mama Josephine Bakhita and the coordinator of Mvomero EMFERD office Mr Evarist Marshal assisted by volunteers supervised the Christmas party.

On 22, Mama Bakhita made home visits to a number of families with disabled children. The most exciting visit is to the family of Lucian Mzugi who lives at a remote mountain forest in Bogoti with their four daughters, the older daughter, Janet is the one with disability. The family is so lonely and lives in a very poor standard of life.
The place is very beautiful with flower forest, my colleague Maria Paschal helped the family to fetch water from the spring and later Maria braided the hair of Janet..Bogoti village is worthwhile to be visited by foreign friends they will love walking in the forest surrounded by good view of mountains.

Mama B with the family of Janet

On 23/12. With a group of youth and a parent, we walked to the nearest mountain for physical exercises, short prayer and on our way back we collected fire wood for cooking.

From Sinai hill with fire woods                       At Sinai hill having good time

On 24/12. Mothers came to EMFERD office to sort all purchased food stuffs like rice, beans, green bananas and assorted spice, the cutting of meet etc. Cooks were appointed, big pots to cook pilau and white rice were hired, and the fathers fetched more fire wood.
25/12. Some of the cooks attended night vigil service and those none believers started cooking. We invited 120 guests, parents and their children also the elders of a day care centre who are also parents and grandparents of youth with disabilities.
After church services, the party started, the first group of mothers with children from one year to three and four years were distributed children clothes, shoes all those which were donated by Niani and those Mama Bakhita was offered in her trip to U.K and those sent by Maria Klaar, it was a lovely scene when young mothers were dressing their children.
The second group was of the older group, most received clothes sorted from Mama Bakhita wardrobe received coast, t-shirts, the ladies received dresses, skirts, t-shirts, and blouses etc. It was a happy moment.

Before Meals:
Parents and youth made entertainments to the invited group of parents and a few resources people like the primary Magistrate Mrs Lea Chillongite, a few church members. The parents and youth sang songs of awareness of the rights of disabled children. (See picture)
There were few speeches; the last speaker was the guest of honour who congratulated the parents for showing love to their children, to the extent of forming parent groups in order to support each other.
The guest of honour contributed a carton of bars of soap and packets of sweets. Later the parents shared.
Then people had meals from 2:30 and later soft drinks, for the older group there was a bucket of twenty litters of local beer, they drank, sang and danced. Thus is how the day ended.

Mothers  distributed childrens clothes           Three parents dancing traditional dance

Guest of honour Mrs Lea Chillogate
Primary Magistrate

26/12: I visited three families at Ifumbo and distributed them juice and sweets.
Mama B with the family of Neema                  Great grandfather of Neema

Neema, 10 years, has not started school

30/12: The selo dancers monitored by EMFERD entertained Nashera Staff.
1/1/2013: Children with disabilities of EMFERD participated in sports with fellow children at Nashera Hotel grounds.
Many thanks should go to all who enabled the special group to have good Christmas day.

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