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Home Basma Association for Mentally Disabled Children Ain Allah Sources provide jobs for the clients of the second Center of the association Basma, Fez, Morocco

Ain Allah Sources provide jobs for the clients of the second Center of the association Basma, Fez, Morocco

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From Handiplanet the Mar 26, 2018

Aïn Alah sources attract many Moroccan and foreign. The association Basma, with wide space, opened a hosting Center for visitors, giving work to young adults, becoming from the training Center.
  1. The association Basma and the opening of the second centre.


Basma association began its work in 2004 in an apartment at Headquarters Qu Narjisse in Fès. It offers several activities:

Educational activities: education, autonomy

Professional activities: carpentry, gardening, cooking workshop

Sports activities.

The population concerned is people with mental disabilities;  trisomie21 and mental retardation.

The average age is between 8-22 years. The number of beneficiaries is 64 people

During the year 2007 the association Basma is part of another Center which is located in Qu Aladarissa and has 58 recipients. This makes a total for the two centres of 122 people.


The second Center opened by the association Basma is located in the Province of My Yaakoube. It is just next to the source AIN ALLAH, 14 kilometres from the city of Fès. Water from this source is very hot, a temperature of 30 ° C. The source of Ain Allah is extracted by an artesian drilling at 1650 meters of depth. Water from this source is without therapeutic indication. It is intended either to irrigation, either to power open to popular swimming pools. But what characterizes this source are the scrub and massage natural activities exerted in its pools.



  1. The aims of the Centre Ain Allah


The AIN ALLAH Center was founded in the province My Yaakoun in the contexte of NHRI project - national human development Initiative -. The Basma association has signed an agreement in 2011 with the province to take responsibility and manage it.

The Centre has a large space; 5 classes, 3 kitchens, a restaurant, a lobby, a garden, and a hosting space which had not been equipped since the creation.

The association Basma wished not to leave this empty place but ensure exploitation for training, forums and activities of associations, either foreign or Moroccan.

For now, the only places where the beneficiaries can work are workshops of the Center and also the hosting space.

We think we can hire futures 12 people with disabilities on this activity. Our goal is to have a stable job that guarantees their rights. But the professional integration remains very difficult.



The operation of the centre


The building which houses the Center's nine. It was built in 2011. We did a lot of work on the entrance, the garden, and even a football field.

Recipients reach the centre by the means of transport provided by the association.

The accommodation centre has for the moment 23 beds and a Moroccan lounge. The facilities include 12 toilets and 12 showers with hot water.

There is a large area reserved for the restoration.

The presence of people with a disability is not necessarily an obstacle. Depends, at the beginning, of the mentality of customers. But when they realize that they have the best services, everyone is happy.

To let us know, Handiplanet is the only website that we sent the information.


  1. Means required by the Center?


On the human level, we have a person who provides hospitality. Two women provide the household.

6 people with a disability are currently working on the Center. This makes a total of 9 people.


Financially, the association has supported the center equipment. The recipes do not yet allow to finance the cost of running.




  1. What assessment do you make today?


We have not yet reached the initial objectives. But we see that our efforts are paying off. The initiative to make hotel internships to employ people with a disability is positive. Guests now trust them.

The employees of the centre are very satisfied. They put a lot of themselves in their work. They feel positive people in society, they have a role in life.

This is a good initiative, but it takes a lot of effort and first awareness. first try to get  the trust of guests.

Then you must organise hotel courses and internship for employees and people with disabilities who work in the accommodation

The problem is that we are still only at the beginning of this project. There is not a lot of people who know him.

Thanks to the Handiplanet network. Through this site many people have experienced the Basma association and its activities. Thank you for your intention.























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