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Interface Handicap
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  • Laetitia Ouakil
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From Laetitia Ouakil the Sep 17, 2013

Interface Handicap involves quality of use of all public throughout the so-called "accessibility chain". How the new technology information service was developed to take into account the accessibility of all public including persons with mental disabilities?

1. The context

Association law 1901 nonprofit, Interface Handicap working for equal access to social, educational, vocational and cultural persons with disabilities life. In a dynamic network, and consultation with the voluntary sector, she advises and accompanies disabled persons and professionals, in the context of the legislation in force, to best meet the needs and expectations of all public.

The work Interface handicap is the quality of use of all audiences in all the so-called "chain of accessibility. Reference training body, it forms professionals nationally to several cultural institutions, helping to dynamize networking on territorial scales for taking account of the public with disabilities.

Interface Handicap is also a service of information on new technologies. The information online tend to be accessible to all.
Efforts have recently focused on the online instructional videos with precisely the aim to respond to all users, regardless of their disability.

2. The finality

Very few Web sites meet current accessibility standards.
Persons with disabilities rely more and more new technologies thanks to the tremendous advanced operated in this area. However, many sites are still not compatible with the technical assistance used by persons with disabilities. Our last film with the collaboration of the Fondation Garches, soon online , deals with this indispensable tools compatibility for ' shopping, prepare his trip, pay its taxes, or even its ticketing as everyone», explains Véronique main character of our interviews. Our goal is to raise a maximum of professionals on the topic of new technologies, so that accessibility be more than only  "virtual".

Interface disability wishes to sensitize and train the largest number of actors professionals, financiers, cultural structures, families and persons with disabilities on the topic for information about the range of possibilities and improvements still to win on these subjects.

The technical and financial constraints are the major obstacles of the project; These obstacles have been overcome thanks to the support of the Steria Foundation for the creation of instructional videos currently online.

3. The implementation, the conduct

The site was born in 2007, and several developments have taken place.  The preparation of the new version currently available [2013] lasted almost two years. It will be necessary to make the difficult choice to switch to a new CMS [Content Management System: content management tool, CMS in French] to achieve the objectives of accessibility we wanted to achieve and find a team able to develop a tool in HTML 5 in the financings that we had. Many tests by contributors with disabilities had been made on the site in its earlier version, and the idea to devote yet all this time for our small team was a heavy decision's consequences.

It took make choices on the technical level. Several arbitrations including to satisfy 'the greatest number' in their navigation. Also the eligibility conditions have been the main points for determining the technical options to take, sometimes at the expense of preferences of certain Visual deficient audiences including: so-called "troublesome" but not obstacles blocking their navigation ...

The information and tools available on the topic of new technologies and disability are classified according to several criteria, including the type of disability; You can check "mental handicap", which allows to find the following research results: & keyword [3] = 105

The collection of information is made through a network of volunteers that we had raised awareness on the subject. Also, manufacturers target a segment of the population in forgetting the strengths of their systems, including products with voice assistance, for example, which can meet the needs of specific audiences with mental disabilities face problems writing or reading.

Also, on our site, from the perspective of 'easy to read', red boxes appear when mousing, to identify more easily the information fields and the interaction with the computer mouse. Each card is structured with a first summary information with short aims to describe in few words, the product. Then, "read more" indicates short way indicators providing precision on the product. This work of rewriting is as possible "all audiences", even if we know more overall intended for mature audiences (professionals and families).
Finally, in access custom site (first link from the top menu), the user has the possibility to activate a voice synthesis, aid dedicated to visually impaired people, but also to the persons for whom the written language is a barrier. A companion that we still need to improve in 2014 including to allow a better visibility and understanding of the options that are available.

4. The means

On the human level: Sponsors, partners and contributors have enabled the realization of the site.

On the financial plan: The Steria Foundation has funded the creation of instructional videos.

On technical and material: The association works with its own material resources for the creation and maintenance of the site (computer, appropriate software free or put at disposal). A small team of volunteers involved in the network of the association and with a real empathy for the subject, worked at the making of the films.

5. Assessment

Today, the new version of the site is very satisfactory for the association as testers. The site is navigable on the latest generations of Tablet PCs and other smart phone all kinds, except the player who is to evolve to be fully parameterized also on these new tools. A communication campaign to announce it, will take place very soon and will yield more returns, which those coming from Handiplanet, isn't it?smiley

Viewing and access to Visual and sound sources have been made possible for all audiences (with exception - this cannot delay - audiences practicing the French sign language). An English version is in preparation.
The video series will be extended, particularly around mental and hearing disabilities.

This project is quite reproducible if sensitized and trained on the expectations of people with disabilities access to the web and find a developer who will have the patience to work on the set of issues of accessibility and barriers to resolve. More sites developers will realize with these standards to respect, more it will be easy to arbitrate points in response to the requests by sponsors in accordance with the access to information for all.

Interface Handicap is also a training organisation for professionals on accessibility issues.

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