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Home Association Micro grooves Meetings and radio animation at the GEM Microsillons ( LP) , a mutual aid group, Toulouse (France)
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Association Micro grooves
  • Maison Collignon: 5, avenue François Collignon, 31200 Toulouse France
  • (+33) 09 50 55 99 35 / 06 41 66 32 86
  • Association Micro Sillons

Meetings and radio animation at the GEM Microsillons ( LP) , a mutual aid group, Toulouse (France)

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From Association Micro Sillons the Apr 23, 2014

Meetings: between shared pleasure and practical perspectives, what organization to Micro grooves
  1. The context: Micro sillons


L'Association Micro grooves and its premises are located in district 5 grapes, avenue François Collignon, 31200 Toulouse.

Micro grooves is an association which mainly hosts a public in psychic suffering through radio and audiovisual production. We are also an association which organises training in multimedia practice and we organize trips with our members to make travel outside Toulouse. The goal is to help members regain confidence in it, to find a hardliner, and help them find a playful and collective activity to a social and personal empowerment.

To date, 30 members are affected by Micro grooves (http://Micro Active members have an average age around 25-30 years. But we also welcome members from 19 to 50 years.

  1. The purpose of the "encounters" activities conducted with Micro grooves

Meetings are used to our members through a collective and playful activity and travel to communicate with an external audience in his own city. It is very important for an adherent to Micro grooves to organize a journey and participate to share something with people who live far away. It is also a way to make a partnership with associations or structures that have the same purpose and the same issues and share our respective practices.

In general the members never talk about disability. I could tell  that members when they come to Micro grooves are waiting to find a place to be, where they can realize and have fun, quite simply, away from medical constraints and societal constraints. Sometimes indeed the taboos and the looks on their psychological weaknesses are hard to wear for the members. I also think that members are looking for a means of expression through the radio and are full of life when they succeed to do some interviews and listen to once the program.

If we manage to give our members the means for a good living their disability is already an excellent objective.

In terms of fears or brakes to this project of "encounters", it was mainly the financial cost unfortunately, and the organization, not always obvious .

  1. Implementation, the conduct

How was the project born? Who has had the idea? For several years the radio creators speak a desire for a wider audience of their productions, and power "be paid for their work"...

The structuring of the association enabled us to take a long time to clarify these desires and imagine possible answers.

Retrieves accounts of formal meetings where our project was formalised:

«We wish to develop our association's activities, while continuing to achieve radio creations, meet other people, enrich our radio skills, open our horizons to have new ideas, share what we know to do, and be able to enjoy the rights of authors»[…] "We have devised this project for overall to allow individual and intercultural exchanges and more specifically help a wide public to wider openness regarding some stigmatized populations. We believe that one better knowledge of the other can only help the insertion of all in society, and we think that European society must be built with tolerance and all. » […]

' Meetings should help: .Educate us, enrich our radio skills.  Speak before everybody, show what you are doing. Talk about on other radios, for those who do not know, what it is that writing, the Director, the set of the actor.  Make radio with others.  Ask for advice, share what we know to do.  Take the risk to have critics.  Be able to meet other people.  Open horizons to have new ideas.  Build network for the rights of authors. Make us more mobile. Power exiting journey together' [...]

"The broadcast network and the .copyright should permit:Media, valorisation of our productions, be recognized, better seen. Statement of works, have protection. Being paid. To have Micro grooves appear, a recognition of a wider audience. Being interviewed by Stéphane Bern. Being more nationally recognized»

We have seen during our bilateral meetings as the concept of sharing, more widely, and recognition remains a critical issue for each of our various workshops radio partners.

The associative framework offers several time of meetings: meeting of the Board of Directors monthly where are taken decisions regarding projects involving the association. project meetings, which meet on a weekly basis people wishing to invest and participate in the project; regular meetings with local partners on issues of annual grants and special projects

The development of the project, the preparation of stays away from Toulouse, and the week 'GEM Radio' were regularly discussed in these associative comities.

During the preparation of the draft we had envisaged a certain sharing of roles: for travel, who is responsible for what? For the week 'GEM Radio', which is responsible for what? (see Detail in downloadable attachment, at the end of this fact sheet).

Description of activities

(See the detailed each travel programs, consult the downloadable attachment at the end of this fact sheet)

From January 2011, we work on this project in the associative framework at regular meetings in order to prepare the project.

The previous weeks travel are marked out of meetings to prepare logistics, trade, the ideas of radio production.

In October 2011, with the help of the association Toulouse eco-related, we organized, first a game, then a debate, then build an interview questionnaire, then 'sound works' on the question of gender relations, a subject important to many of us and which interrogates particularly our association, being almost unanimously of male members.

In November 2011, for one week, we went to the meeting of the Patat'ose team in Reims (Antonin Artaud Care Centre) and Radio lemon in Paris (Association l'Elan Retrouvé).

At these meetings we were able to exchange, also beyond the teams radio with another GEM 'La  Locomotive of Reims', several services of The Care Centre Antonin Artaud, and so with many patients and professionals.

This stay allowed us to:

A tourist discovery of Reims and Paris.

Trade around our respective radio practices which resulted in exchanges of programs, enhancements on our own practices, sound achievements in common, and the prospects for new upcoming exchanges, especially on the 2nd part of the PEJA.

Very amazing and rewarding exchanges around the theme of male/female meetings. This question strongly raised. Surely because the majority of adherents of Micro grooves are young men. We discover a few snippets of answers on why if some young women join the association...


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In April 2012, we go to Roubaix at the meeting of the team of Z' funnels.

This stay in Roubaix had a connotation much more focused on the question of the rights and living conditions of persons suffering from mental difficulties, and their place in the city.

All these exchanges have helped us in the structuring of our GEM and our possible accountability outlets.

The tourist aspect was more social and artistic through the home's Condition public.

During these two visits during our informal discussions will be discussed conditions for structuring a network of Exchange and dissemination of radio programmes, and several ideas and commitments begin to be accepted.

The return of each of these two trips, made several radio programmes and slideshows photos available on our website.

In October 2012, four members travel to Marseille to present to potential partners our work and save the Ampi, themed days 'places of change. How much space for clinical and therapeutic work in Psychiatry of the 21 century? ». The Micro grooves association sells to this association of CDs of audio productions on psychiatry. The presentations took place as planned and are deferred to later.

In January 2013, we finish this project by the Organization of the week GEM radio.

In order to prepare this event, a volunteer in civic service will join us and whose mission will be to coordinate the Organization of this event and help us in the organization. This preparation will go through many regular meetings.

The meetings Gem radio, result of the PEJA project, has unwound from January 28 to February 2, 2013 on Toulouse. Meetings of devices of radio creations made by people with psychological difficulties, the themes we wanted to discuss during this week: access to citizenship and to the word of the people with psychological difficulties.

Throughout this week a photo essay was directed, and two exhibitions of sculptures and pictures of two promoters.

This week we opened many possible partnerships, we did know from the health and social sectors, and has fulfilled our objective of structuring a network of sharing and broadcasting of programmes.

Also throughout the week of programs made by Micro grooves have been broadcast on our radios associative partners.

We are still in the digestion of all these exchanges, but this week allowed us to express and share our experience radio (11 years of experience) and our emissions (try to explain the construction of emission), and our photo montages and videos, talk about our association Micro grooves, to feel able to say, discuss with others, be able to evolvehaving opinions, opinions. And spend good friendly times.

  1. The means

In human terms : the members of each participating association. mental health professionals; associative radios

Financially :

Participated in the financing of the project, the Injep (€8300) , the city of Toulouse (€2700) and the Regional Council  Midi Pyrénées (€1000). The assistance of these local communities and voluntary commitment of associative partners allowed a realization of the project. We gained credibility from local communities. In sake of economy, we were allowed to carry out this project by attempting to minimize the interests of holders of the project, the financial capacity of the adherents of Micro grooves are often very reduced. A volunteer's companions, that the association could not finance, was necessary to ensure the technical feasibility of the project.

On technical and material :

Local: Collignon room; Space diversity; Radio FMR and South Canal; conference room of the Town Hall, restaurants... Material: computer, sound. Approaches : local communities, partners, health professionals, communications campaign. Tools : meetings, exchanges, sound creation, shares...

  1. What assessment today for these "encounters" ?

The terms of this evaluation were discussed at various meetings and the evaluation is currently underway.

The meetings were held in the associative framework, that allow writing to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively different moments of the project.

On the basis of these writings, is planned an evaluation with partners.


What to retain us?

  • The discovery of radio news, sometimes more political practices, sometimes more supported on a job writing, which strengthens us in our desire to put in writing workshops place in the association.
  • The discovery of the specificity of our own practice, focused more on the sound design.
  • An idea consolidated what may be a GEM and related responsibilities.
  • Shared moments which will remain important.
  • Very interesting exchanges around the male/female relations themes, and the place in the city of people whose paths can be very chaotic...

In conclusion

We can say that we have experienced through this project the pleasure of being together and meet people new or already encountered during previous trips, the taking of self-confidence in speaking publicly at speeches, debates and presentations, finally exchanges with partners, and the public have been fruitful. The  place of persons with psychological difficulties in society has been highlighted through the different ways to make radio.

The organisation of the project and shared moments helped to increase solidarity and exchange of opinions between members.

This project has also proposed many situations where several members were able to experiment, learn knowledge as well at the technical level radio, as logistics, as sometimes more personal.

This project was able to meet our expectations both in the spaces of expression he could propose, but also in the pleasure shared at various meetings that it generated. Also trade could lead to concrete prospects in terms of setting up a device for the deposit of radio works copyright companies.

This project also allowed us:

  • a discovery of certain local peculiarities in Reims, Roubaix, Paris and Marseille, culinary, architectural, and historical level.
  • making programming in several radio stations.
  • Develop our skills at the radio level but also video.
  • To ensure recognition of our knowledge do you create radio.
  • Pointing out some problems common to today's youth (human relations, access to the world of work)

Finally the exhibition of the association let several new members join the association. That allows a new promotion of the association and meet new people for us... and new furrows to borrow...

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