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Home Awareness and response to the needs of people with learning disabilities, an action leaded by Rouh Tahadi , Salé, Morocco

Awareness and response to the needs of people with learning disabilities, an action leaded by Rouh Tahadi , Salé, Morocco

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From Rouh Tahadi the Jul 25, 2014

  1. To locate the association


  • Rouh Tahidi association is located in Morocco, in the area of el Oualfa Sale, rue ain harouda at n ° 3 laayayda.

  • Its main purpose is the integration of persons with physical or mental disabilities in society.

  • It welcomes any type of disability, including individuals with down syndrom, motor or visual disabilities

-Its action affects about 30 people aged 13 to 30 years and their entourage.


  1. The purpose of the actions conducted by Rouh Tahidi


  • People with disabilities want to have the right to life, have access to health, education, vocational training, have travel... autonomy rights that their grants the International Convention on the right of persons with disabilities that the Morocco has ratified.

  • Thus the association proposes to integrate this right and to contribute to the needs of persons with a disability. The goals of our operations are therefore the integration into society.

  • But if state these objectives is easy, more difficult is the implementation, because it clashes with the lack of funding for expenses related to transport, and the wages of caregivers.

  1. Diagnosis, implementation, training

  • We started our action in 2012. We relied on our own efforts as well as on the assistance provided by people interested in this project.

  • In the first place, we have a diagnosis and defined the needs for human and financial resources.  Then we proceeded to the identification of targeted persons. We then divided into sections the budget allocated to this project (equipment, salary of executives, transportation costs, registration of the recipient, distribution of persons according to the nature of their disability, and branches of training.)


  • The start of training took place during a day of study that we have organized under the slogan "the rights of persons with disabilities, between theory and practice"


  1. The means you needed?

  • We used mostly our own means

  • For training on associative issues, actions implementing and activities, management teams and personal development, we had recourse to external partners.


  1. What assessment today?


  • We found that the beneficiaries are able to train, to integrate easily, learn trades. They say feel better mentally. Everyone is satisfied.

  • However, we have not yet reached all the goals due to the lack of means.

  • The transport of beneficiaries, officials and volunteers, food are heavy budgetary positions and we lack sponsors

  • We believe that we can still achieve a part of the activities with our own means, but it will still be far from achieving our objectives, the involvement of other partners or sponsors is essential to have more coverage of the needs of the beneficiaries.

  • If we continue to work in the same way, we will not touch only a small proportion of those who have expressed a need. To remedy this, we need donations and partners/sponsors

  • We keep a positive look on life and our optimism. We are thus pursuing our program; join the association, participate in activities and good form in all areas to facilitate integration into society.

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