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Accueil ATUA, Association Tujenge Umoja Afrika Testimony of Ms. Priscilla Moke Matisho on psychic suffering of women in RD COngo
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ATUA, Association Tujenge Umoja Afrika
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  • Priscille Moke Matisho

Testimony of Ms. Priscilla Moke Matisho on psychic suffering of women in RD COngo

  • Health : Mental Health
  • Africa : Democratic Congo
  • Témoignage

Par Priscille Moke Matisho le 12/06/2017

We want to raise awareness and contribute to the reduction of this psychic suffering and above all to avoid the disease whenever possible.
The causes of severe psychological distress that I meet are threefold in DR Congo, the war, abandonment of the wife by the husband and misery. This phenomenon particularly affects women.
I met the pain during the wars, 1994 and 1998.   When there are armed men who enter the House and kill the father of family, those who remain switch to deseas  that can evolve into mental illness. I saw a father getting killed with her child in arms, in front of MOM. She took her child but became crazy about pain.
People often do not realize that they are suffering of this psychological problem. They don't know what to do and wander without knowing where to go. We approach these people and we are trying to frame these men and women to help them recover in the community.
I myself met psychic suffering when my husband left me alone with six children. Then he sold the family home. I'm not alone in this case. During this period I was just crying. I didn't know what to do or where to live with my children. I had the chance to meet a psychologist who helped me. After an interview, he persuaded me of my psychic suffering. It helped me to understand that I can start a new life. "" This through simple phrases like: "one door closes, another opens immediately" or "do not cling to the past." Through these interviews of psychotherapy, I took courage and I could get home to my kids.
We have made an association of the abandoned woman whose husband is alive.  Because there was mainly actions in the direction of widows. The phenomenon is widespread here. When women are illiterate and little surrounded, they are unable to care for their children. They abandon them and these become criminals in the street. They are picked up by gangs and create terror.
Another cause of psychic suffering is poverty. If you have kids in a mono-parental family without income generating activity and if the mother cannot give them to eat at that time she falls into psychic suffering. If children do not attend school, it's the same, because children become illiterate. Small children living in poverty have to find food in the streets.
There are several fragile public who suffer psychologically and who may fall into mental illness.
If there is a strong trauma that occurs such as forced rapes or murders, and the person is left alone with this trauma, then pain can lead to mental illness. Our association ATUA comes to this suffering does not turn into disease. With Atua we met people so they can talk to them first.
Sometimes we see the people home. We have no medicine, but we proceed by talking groups. It's tricky, because often, people are in denial of the suffering. We encourage access to psychotherapy to not fall into the disease. Our first object is to promote mental health. Nowhere mentioned in public policy.
We want to raise awareness and contribute to the reduction of this suffering and above all to avoid the disease whenever possible. This must be done household after household. Nearly 80 percent have a Member affected by psychic suffering. Too many fall into mental illness. However we have only few hospitals to treat mental illness. We work with them. But patients have to be brought. Then need the money to stay there. Available medicines are especially 'sleeping pills' and do not  get healthy. What is really needed is to recover people before they fall in mental illness.
Testimony of Ms. Ptoriscilla Moke Matisho
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