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Accueil Association d’Aide Aux Handicapés Mentaux de Ghardaïa A goat in the oasis in the main purpose of forming intellectual deficient adults in order to integrate them into society, Ghardaia, Algeria

A goat in the oasis in the main purpose of forming intellectual deficient adults in order to integrate them into society, Ghardaia, Algeria

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Par aouflmes_779 le 27/11/2017

The goat Mozabite being well adapted to the region South of the Algeria, it is quite natural that this milk and cheese production activity has been chosen to diversify activities offered to young adults to fit professionally in the society.


  1. The context

Our association is located in Ghardaïa in Algeria (600 KM South of Algiers a city of sahara); It was established 1993 and approved in 1994 by the wilaya of Ghardaïa.

Its missions are:

-Support of the mentally disabled in institutions

-The support of the families concerned.

-The research of the causes of disability and sensitization of public opinion

-L' socio-professional integration of disabled adults.

For the adult disabled, we created a CAT (Center help by the work)

Currently it has a woodworking shop for boy, a workshop of weaving and sewing for girls and a goat for the production of milk and its derivatives (girls and boys)


We welcome children with a mental handicap as a result of a test of the psychologist of the Center defines the degree of his disability; light medium or heavy.

Each year more than 10 children are welcomed and are put into groups according to the degree of the disability and age. Currently we have 115 children.


The services developed by our association are:

-The support of the disabled in half board with transport insurance

-The pedagogical and psychological follow-up.

-The medical follow-up of students with disabilities.

-Vocational training in partnership with the training centre concerned.

-The creation of workshops following physical and mental age.

-L'integration of individual and collective sport.

-L' formalization of the sports club allows exchanges and opening world sports.




  1. The purpose of the experience



The goat has been implemented for the insertion of disabled adults interested.

There is a particular attraction for people with disabilities to this animal. It is also a job that requires the group to "work together" work. The result " having milk " allows the adult to see him even the result of his work. He discovered by him even he is useful to society and wins in "self-esteem".


Natural milk production is rare in those days. She is in great demand by the population

We wanted to make the place activity goat, once known in the region.

Allowed to create and maintain green spaces around the Center. Ghardaia is an oasis where water is present.


The local goat 'Mozabite' is very well known in the region as well as in Algeria (+ 50% of the population practiced this activity in household)

We chose the mozabite preferably goat to any other animal because it fits properly to the climate of the region.


The final objective is the development of the CAT to insert adults with disabilities (every year)

Thus the development of new activities allows them more choices according to their desire and their will. The milk production is the logical outcome of this process as well as derivatives such as cheese and butter. These are activities and more for our disabled.




  1. Implementation, the conduct


The goat was created in 2014. Currently twenty adults are working

The essential steps of its creation were: awareness of the partners and children of such a project, the planning of actions: realization plan and construction of the shed, the purchase of goats and goats as well as material necessary, the theoretical and practical training in a professional, for a bet in practice at the level of the Center.


The tasks of the disabled under the responsibility of the educator are: the work of culture and harvest of green foods, the food of goats, Treaty manual and automatic operations. The goats are fed green food harvested by us and purchased concentrates.


The production passed partly in the Center (breakfast of children) and the rest is sold to the gross or transformed State on-site in butter.


  1. The tools you needed?


In terms of personnel, an educator trained full-time and part-time Center psychologist are involved in framing and follow-up of adults working in the goat.

On the financial front, we got the following aid:

assistance of the Foundation of France for purchase of equipment and goats as well for training

Assistance to the town of Ghardaia for part of the constructions

Assistance of the Wilaya of Ghardaïa regarding the acquisition of the land and its development

Aid and contributions from benefactors for the construction.



On technical and material, we have a room divided into box (producing goats, goats pregnant, kids, kids, goats, milking, concentrated foods and green foods, milk)

We also have an area of course, treaty materials, materials for the culture and harvest of green foods.

Among our needs unmet: a bus for the transport of students and a utility vehicle necessary for the centre (transport of the materials and food... etc.), as well as teaching materials suitable for the disabled.

In terms of methods, we lack of Exchange with similar associations and specialized training centres.



  1. How do you evaluate today?



In part, we have reached the objectives. It lacks only the production of cheese as well as the operation of professional marketing of milk and its derivatives, object of an ongoing project.


Stakeholders are satisfied with their work. They feel useful. They have greater self-esteem. Their families also express their satisfaction. These include aid and visits by local officials as a result of the success of this project

Participation in the effort to upgrade the local goat and the creation of green spaces meet the entire population.

The association becomes more known and exchanges will be required with others; It needs more land for the cultivation of green foods and agricultural products for the Center.


We also have problems. In particular the lack of Exchange with similar associations, we need public awareness constantly. It is also facing administrative slowness.

Our limits are largely financial. We always need more financial resources to develop more.

Everything is possible with the work.  We recovered the disabled doing quality work and found changes in behaviour of the persons concerned (direct contact with the animal and Earth helped to develop the potential of each person)

To date, we believe that at least two disabled can launch their own goat (goat family) provided that local authorities are the financial means


If a Council could be given draws from our experience it would be this: there is never to underestimate the disabled included. In fact people with disabilities reacted positively during contact with the animal, others with the work on the land, in group work, others after a trip to the North in a coastal town in contact with sea water... ; But there is a continuous work in progress at the level of the centre and with the families concerned.


Bad form was created according to the interview of Mr. Messaoud Aouf


A goat in the oasis in the main purpose of forming intellectual deficient adults in order to integrate them into society, Ghardaia, Algeria



A goat in the oasis in the main purpose of forming intellectual deficient adults in order to integrate them into society, Ghardaia, Algeria


A goat in the oasis in the main purpose of forming intellectual deficient adults in order to integrate them into society, Ghardaia, Algeria












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