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Accueil L'Association Libanaise pour l'Autisme Soutenir les enfants et les jeunes ayant un trouble autistique, grâce à une campagne par SMS au Liban - un partenariat entre LAS (Société libanaise d'autisme) et Alfa
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L'Association Libanaise pour l'Autisme
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  • Arwa El Amine Halawi

Soutenir les enfants et les jeunes ayant un trouble autistique, grâce à une campagne par SMS au Liban - un partenariat entre LAS (Société libanaise d'autisme) et Alfa

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Par Arwa El Amine Halawi le 22/02/2012

La Société libanaise d'autisme (Lebanese Autism Society, LAS) a été impliquée et a bénéficié d'une campagne de sensibilisation et de collecte de fonds par SMS au Liban grâce à Alfa (Orascom Telecom).

The Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) was founded in 1999 by parents of children with Autism, along with professionals in medicine and education in Lebanon. The general objective of the organization is to advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism and to provide them and their families support and services, from early childhood to adulthood.

The LAS is dedicated to achieve the following goals :
· Early Diagnosis and Intervention emphasizing the development of highly structured, specialized educational programs tailored to the individual needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities.
· The promotion and support of the social integration of children and teenagers with Autism.
· Building capacities of professionals and institutions providing services to children with Autism in Lebanon.
· Spreading public awareness in regards to Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders.

In 2007, the Lebanese Autism Society was contacted by a company, Alfa (managed by Orascom Telecom) which already launched an action with 4 other Non-Governmental Organizations through the Alfa Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activity. LAS expectations regarding this action are the awareness and fundraising; as regards Alfa’s expectations, it consists in fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities.
The action, as awareness-raising and fund-raising operation benefitting to the NGOs and to LAS, was entirely undertaken by Alfa.

    The main idea of the campaign, is a 1$ raised for LAS’s benefit for each reply to the SMS. In 2011, 15.000 persons participated in this campaign.
    In December 2010, Alfa (managed by Orascom Telecom), in collaboration with LAS, organized a ‘Figurines Competition’ which had an important media coverage after which the SMS Campaign was launched.
    In July 2011, they both organized an exhibition for Ali Tlais (a 21 years old talented adolescent with Autism), which also benefited from an important media coverage after which the SMS was launched again for 20 days.

      Alfa committed itself to the campaign; thus LAS didn’t need to hire or train any extra-staff.

        The SMS-campaign has been successfully run every year since 2007 now. Its success seems to be due to Alfa’s strategy of directly addressing its large clients database.
        The main satisfaction for LAS is the awareness increase and fundraising. At the same time, it covers part of the beneficiaries’ scholarship. In 2007, the amount raised was 7000$. And now, the amount raised has reached 15.000$. However, LAS knows there are still important steps forward: their objective is to see all people with Autism getting the best quality of services, and being smoothly integrated in our society. In order to reach this situation, the main difficulties are financially-related limitations.

        The LAS main advice to other organizations who may work with the same objectives, is to think wider, to work on something that will benefit the majority of people with Autism in their country. The work should be aimed at the majority of people with Autism, and to think and work objectively on what could bring the most benefits on a long term scale.
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