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Institut du Bon Pasteur
  • Rue d'Hoyaux 6 7602 Bury Belgium
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  • Jean-Philippe MATTEZ

Participation in craft fairs through the realization of birdhouses

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From Jean-Philippe MATTEZ the Mar 29, 2012

Background-The Institute of the Good Shepherd is located in Belgium, in Bury in Western Hainaut. The carpentry workshop takes place in a building specially dedicated workshops offered during the day to all residents of the institute.
The proposed institution is to receive and supervise people with mental retardation by offering accommodation, guidance and a range of activities that will allow them to flourish. The institute hosts more than 120 residents, age ranging from 20 to 60 years with learning disabilities to severe light and possible associated disorders.

Purpose-The purpose of this project is to propose an activity through which our residents are in relation to persons outside the institution, to enhance their work in the workshop by presenting it as part of public events.
The aim was also that they are able to promote their work themselves, to explain how to achieve it, to create nesting boxes.
Before its development, we felt for our residents desire to showcase their work to the public but this opportunity arose shortly.
The only fear in the development of the project was how outsiders would understand the contact with people with mental disabilities. Experience has shown that instead the public was very receptive.

Operation-The activity began two years ago. It took a year before exposing the craft markets. This preparatory year was utilized to prepare the boxes (the handling of certain learning tools, research models, creation of stock, making contacts). The activity is intended for residents of the dexterity and understanding less involved in making nesting boxes for wood working and people skills to contribute to the higher representation in craft markets. The project schedule is as follows:
-Finding patterns of nest boxes
-Purchase of wood and materials
-For painting
-Making contact with organizers of craft markets

Means-In human terms, the occasional help of colleagues and students has proved useful for the realization of nesting boxes, as well as for sale on the markets. The carpentry training of the educator also helped to make quality items. In financial terms, a budget is allocated for the purchase of machinery and raw materials. We also use wood pallet recovery.
From a technical perspective, we must also have a room of 20 sq.m. and a storage room. You must know the different methods of woodworking. From an administrative point of view, steps were necessary for applications to participate in craft markets.

Evaluation-The original objectives of the workshop have not yet really been achieved. There is much work to be done to empower the residents with respect to the sale, how to approach the customer, to speak to explain the projet.Depuis the project began, we found that motivation residents to create new nest boxes has increased, especially since the beginning of canvassing markets. There, now, a real meaning in their work, a real motivation. For some residents, the handling of different tools has been difficult. The years of preparation was therefore important for learning manipulation. In the future, we should work more in touch with the customer, able to exhibit elsewhere.

Contest: HANDIPARTAGE 2012 competition
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